Introducing Snickers Hi-Protein

SNICKERS has been satisfying fans for over 80 years, so we knew creating better protein products couldn’t be that hard of a (pea)nut to crack. Our plan was simple: fill it with the right stuff and leave the cardboard taste out.


Excellent Source of Protein

With the nutritional profile you expect and taste you’ve always wanted, Snickers Hi-Protein staves off hunger without sacrificing flavor. Enjoy the same chocolate, caramel and peanut flavors you know and love from Snickers along with the protein and fiber your body needs to stay fully satisfied. Perfect to carry you between meals or after a great workout.



I workout regularly and needed something to shake up my Protein Intake and this definitely fit the bill! Great value great taste

Ray G.

Macro dessert!

Love it! taste like I'm eating my favourite chocolate bar, but I'm hitting my protein that I needed after a workout

Revelle S.