Who is SNICKERS Hi Protein intended for?

SNICKERS Hi Protein was created for people who want the benefit of high protein without sacrificing on taste. Enjoy between meals or post-workout whether you are an exercise novice, a competitive body builder, or simply looking for a delicious snack.

What is the protein source for SNICKERS Hi Protein?

We use high-quality whey and milk proteins that are complete bioavailable proteins for your body. There are complete proteins in Hi Protein Bars

Does SNICKERS Hi Protein Bar taste like a SNICKERS candy bar?

When you enjoy a SNICKERS Hi Protein Bar, you’ll enjoy the flavors you love from a SNICKERS Original (chocolate, peanuts, and caramel) but with the added benefit of 20 grams of protein. The protein does create a different texture than you experience with a SNICKERS candy bar, but we are confident that each bar or drink delivers on the epic taste you expect from the brand.

What are the allergens?

Hi Protein bars contain milk, peanuts and soy and may contain wheat, eggs and tree nuts.

How are the products sweetened?

We use all natural sweeteners like monkfruit and/or stevia.

Is this product gluten free?

Our formulas do not contain wheat, but we list it in the “may contain” list on the packaging because there is wheat processed in the facility where we manufacture these products. Please use your discretion on safe consumption if you have a wheat allergy.

Where else can I find Hi Protein Bars?

Currently SNICKERS Hi Protein products are available in the US for purchase in store. Visit our store locator to find a retailer near you. Subscribe to our newsletter get the latest news and offers!